14 June, 2018


Our social engagement is based on three main areas: Education, Social Integration and Entrepreneurship.

We are commited to young people and, in a very special way, to the kids.

TOOLS: we take actions not only trhough our own projects but also colaborating with others nonprofit organisations, goverment institutions, business companies, freelancers, and all the people that share our life philosophy.




1.-“Pequeños Gigantes”, an educational program based on social skills developtment that complimates educative sistem of school in Africa, Latin America and philippines.

As a child, no one knows where he/she is be living tomorrow.  The main goal of this program is to educate with a perspective projection in the future, to help children gorw socially integrated, so that is easy to them to add value to those societies where they have to develop as adults. If you are an educator or a school owner in Africa, Latin America or Philippines, this program may interest you.

We are currently helping two school in Equatorial Guinea. 

2.- “Apadrina un Genio”, an sponsorship program to support the education of children from needy families.

3.- “Becas Iris”, an sponsorship program for international student. There are no dividing lines concerning family for african people. Family is family. We guess this is one of the reason why till today the social system in Africa is based on family solidarity. This is not a common issue in Western societies. Many africans and africans decedents who reside and work in Europe carry an overload that is not considered as personal responsability by the western states. The expenditure allocated to their families is not taxed as a family burden, unless it is intended for their direct children and parents. This is a question that creates poverty in Europe, not only for african residing in the continent but also for european-african families. One of these multiples burdens is the support of international students. Most of them are supporting their brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and more… Africa Piensa collaborates with those people who bear that family burden.



1.- “Emprende Vida!”, we support young entrepreneurs in the start-up and growth phase of their business. Some of the support we offer are design of positioning and grwth strategies, web site design, promotion, and more…

2.- “Hola África”, Africa is also Hispanic, although reading and researching about Africa is still a very difficutl task for Spanish-speaking readers and historians. In our blog we share post about African history and culture to bring the continent to the maximum number of Spanish-speaking readers possible.

3.- “Acción Consciencia Social del Consumidor”, Be a responsible consumer and consume products and services of socially responsible companies such as companies within the África Piensa connecting network. The main goal of this program is to help our consumer societies to be more aawre of the power they have to make the world every day better with every purchase decision thez make, while helping socially responsible people to start businesess and create jobs.



1.- “Intercambio de estudiantes”: Studying in Africa requires a lot of creativity, a necessary skill in students who have grown up in societies that have almost everything like most of the Westenr societies. Student exchanges are one of the wazs to develop that skill. We promote stundent exchanges between Africa and Europe. 

2.- “Voluntariado”, Meet other cultures by participating in our volunteerprogram.



1.- “Dona agua, regala vida”, Construction project of 18 wells to bring drinking water to families that need this vital asset. A project of the Diocese of Ebibeyin (Equatorial Guinea) sponsored by the Diocese of Augsburg in collaboration with the Catholic Mission of the Spanish language in Augsburg (Germany) and Africa Piensa.

2.- “Books: Translation, publication and promotion”, we collaborate with writes with translation, publication and promotio of their books into Spanish. 

And more…

As you can see there are many program from which you can collaborate. Become a member of our family as a volunteer, a donor or sponsor, every singule sign of collaboration is always welcome.