4 June, 2016



This is a project for all global citizens out there. We all have something to share.. Be the next!



An international  Cultural Organisation  born in Zaragoza (Spain) on 2009. In 2016 we were reconized by the spanish state  as a charity organisation and registrated in the National Registry of the Non Profit Organisation based in Madrid. Our registration ID number G99481350, Section 1a/num.611048 is here for you to check our legitimacy when necessary.



Education, Social Integration and Growth -tree words that define our DNA-



-“Education is our Master Key”-. Through the promotion of CULTURAL MESTIZAJE and the support of the MODERN ENTREPRENEUR, Africa Piensa collaborates in the creation and development of those prodigious kids and talented young people invisible to the eyes of the “talent scout”.



We take actions through our own projects, in addition to collaborations that we make with other organizations that share our same life philosophy. You are welcome to our Projects: “Pequeños Gigantes”, “Emprende Vida!”, “Becas Iris”, “Hola África” ​​and “Apadrina un Genio”. Join us!



Africa Piensa was born from real people: “We have come here thanks to the support of others, who held their hands out and have take care of us till today. That same love and faith we are giving back to those young people that also need guide and , in a very special way, to the children”.



“Every day has it own motion”… We celebrate all teachers around the world; one mention for all volunteer teachers all over the world and, in a very special way, to Mr. Peter Tabichi. A science teacher from a rural area of ​​Kenya who donated most of his salary to support the poorest students in his village. Mr. Tabichi was elected best teacher in the world last Sunday, September 29. Peter Tabichi won the Global Teacher Prize -known as the “Nobel Prize in Education”- of 2019, worth US $ 1 million. -Congratulation Mr! –



“We are all immigrants, even though leaving home …”

Formed by a large community of people of all flavors, rhythms and colors; aware that there is only -one- human race and one tribe -the one that helps you grow-, ÁFRICA PIENSA is a meeting point for the welcome and the integration of ideas of growth and improvement.



HOPE: the air we breathe passes through an internal purification system. In a path that goes from outside to inside then from inside to outside. Our hope is based on giving the world all the BEST of ourselves. The result is a matter of time. – “Time places everything in its right position” -.

DISCIPLINE: green is the blood that runs through our veins. Strugle is the oxigen that keep us alive.

With no EFFORT or SACRIFICE nothing works.  “Act!, be consistent and prepare yourself  for SUCCESS” 

COMMITMENT: this is what keeps us motivated. It is said in combe, -an African dialect-, “wa’a dya mo’tô eñeve”. Directly translated is “Do not eat people’s good”, understanding “good” as good things that others do to you. The meaning of the saying is that we MUST PRAISE the good we receive, PRACTICE gratitude and GIVE BACK love.

SELF CONFIDENCE:  In a seemingly catastrophic world, Africa Piensa has an every day celebration reason. Human being have the OVERCOMING power. 

I am always surprised by every “new me” that shows up by each new circumstance



There are so many strong people out there. All they need is MOTIVATION: Share your writing abilities, become an África Piensa member, colaborate in our projects, be a responsible consumer and consume products and services of socially responsible companies such as companies within the África Piensa connecting network . Practice gratitud and share what you have. Let us make a better word together, E-Mail us to a.africapiensagmail.com or info@africapiensa.com 

The world is waiting for you…


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